AT Films

AT Films

Dura-Film® greenhouse and overwintering products have gained the respect of a loyal and long-term clientele in climates and conditions throughout the world, and have become the preferred choice of customers in the horticultural market. A big part of that success is the confidence that comes with having a Dura-Film purchase backed by customer service and ongoing support like no other in the industry, with:

  • Expert advice on choosing, installing and maintaining the right Dura-Film product(s) for your operation.
  • Extended hours for customer service calls, so that you can reach a representative after hours in case of emergency.
  • A technical center to investigate complaints and improve the functionality of Dura-Film products.
  • Full replacement warranty against defects up to 4 years, depending on product category.


Super 4

The Durability and Toughness You Need

Dura-Film® Super 4 is a super clear, super tough, long-life product that provides the best value in a 6-mil, 4-year greenhouse film. Dura-Film Super 4 is available with 55% White Opacity in selected sizes.


  • Outstanding light transmission, haze, and clarity ratings help optimize yield in greenhouse applications.
  • Bee compatibility feature allows more of the UV spectrum to pass through the film, making it easier for bees to navigate and achieve more efficient pollination than with mechanical means.
  • A unique manufacturing process provides AT Films, Inc. films with superior tear strength especially in the critical direction along the roll (MD or “machine direction” in the specifications on the reverse). That means more resistance to performance-crippling lengthwise tear propagation in your greenhouse or bed covering.
  • High strength at folds reduces the likelihood of punctures and tears, e.g. where a folded area chafes against the building framework. In any film, weaknesses can occur where the polymer    strands are bent at a fold. Increased fold strength minimizes performance issues at these key    areas.
  • Folds up to 210% stronger and offers 164% higher tear strength than previous films.
  • Advanced UV protection.

*When compared to previous generations of greenhouse films

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