Our GTS team is ready to assist you with your next greenhouse project. Whether you are constructing a new greenhouse, remodeling an existing one or simply updating equipment and irrigation, we have the greenhouse solutions you need. Our staff has the technical expertise to guide you through the process and provide the information you need to make smart decisions. Our goal is to make sure the final product meets your needs and helps move your business forward.
Research & Education
We understand the unique requirements of researchers and educators and custom design our greenhouse packages with that end in mind. We work with the top structural and equipment manufacturers in the industry to ensure that your project...
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Retail Garden Centers
We know that in retail, it’s not just about having pretty plants it’s about providing a comfortable shopping experience in a pleasant setting. The difference between surviving and thriving can hinge in large measure on the perception...
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Commercial Greenhouses
We realize your main business is growing plants not building greenhouses. However, building the right greenhouse with the right features at the right price is an important part of any successful greenhouse operation. That is why.
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