Greenhouse Automation

The production process in any greenhouse or nursery includes a number of operations that can and should be automated. Greenhouse automation can not only reduce labor costs but improve product quality, allow for tight production windows to be met, and also replace unreliable and/or unavailable workers. Some of the most common areas to evaluate for some type of automation include watering, product handling, transplanting, and container filling. All of these processes are labor-intensive, repetitive, and can add significant costs to your production if done manually.

The GTS staff has the experience to help you identify labor-intensive areas, prioritize your needs and ultimately evaluate possible greenhouse automation options. Every greenhouse operation has processes that can and should be automated regardless of their size. The question should never be if you should automate. Rather, the right question for any greenhouse owner or manager to ask is where and how they should automate their processes.

We work with some of the industry’s top equipment manufacturers to provide custom greenhouse automation solutions for many of the common problems associated with the production processes of a commercial greenhouse.

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