2211 Water Tunnel

2211 Water Tunnel

Watering Tunnels are used to water plant material that is planted in flats, pots, hanging baskets or other containers. Watering tables have a smaller Drip Nozzles placed over the conveying unit to moisten plug trays.



Watering Tunnels have water Spray Nozzles. They are self-contained using an open mesh Polyethylene conveying belt to move the product thru the machine at a variable speed rate, which is selected by the operator.

The adjustable speed feature will help control the amount of water that is dispensed on your plant material. Different size nozzles are available also to control the amount of water flow. These units have water drip pans to catch all of the excess water into a drain at one end of the unit, which may be plumbed into an existing drain.

The collection pans are longer than the spray area to catch the excess spray and have a area to place the plant material on the unit and an area to take the plant material away. This can either be done manually or with the use of conveyors. They have adjustable legs and can be set to match the height of your other equipment. The Water Tunnels are enclosed with plastic end sheets to contain the water spray and still let the product thru the unit.


  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Quad spray heads variety of nozzle size available
  • High impact poly chain and sprockets
  • Electric operated solenoid valve
  • Brass bail value
  • Stainless slide racks
  • Optional electronic control of water spray
  • Variable drive speed
  • Water Volume: 4gpm to 16gpm
  • Belt Width: 12"
  • Maximum Flat Width: 16"
  • Adjustable Height of Conveyor: 24" to 36"
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