CF Series 1200 30' x 35' Frames

CF Series 1200 30' x 35' Frames

Combining function with style, Conley’s 30’ and 35’ wide COLD FRAMES offer one of the strongest designs available.

Outstanding Features

  • Superior strength 3” tall ROLL-FORM arch design
  • Five runs of “double-bolted” purlins per house
  • Heavy-duty arch to column connection
  • 12’-6” or 14’ tall at the peak
  • Pound for pound, more steel than other structures in its class
  • Easy installation


Hands down, Conley’s CF SERIES 1200 represents one of the strongest - most durable - structures on the market today. Utilizing 3” tall ROLL-FORM arch assemblies designed to support substantially more snow and ice than similarly sized houses in its class. Each of the five purlin assemblies provided per house are double bolted to each arch substantially increasing the structure's resistance to wind. Designed for poly or shade cloth covering, the CF SERIES 1200 is available in either a 4’ tall or 6’ tall sidewall height.

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