Dosmatic products afford you the very highest quality, plus flexibility and usability. Not only do we provide the widest range of injector models in the industry, but our product accessories allow further adaptation and mobility, whatever your requirements.



Our MicroDos ®, MiniDos ®, SuperDos ® and TurboDos ® injectors are made of engineered proprietary composite material and come with a 3-year limited warranty--the best in the industry. The injectors are proportional to the fluid (water) flow, providing an accurate and consistent chemical injection despite fluctuations in flow and pressure. The patented internal mixing chamber is separate from the motor, isolating it from the chemical mixture. This design ensures thorough and precise mixing of the fluid (water) and chemical, while also extending the motor's life.

Dosmatic injectors offer the widest flow range from 0.3 gpm (0,11 l/mn) to 400gpm (1514,17 l/mn) and the greatest injection ratios from 1:4000 to 1:05.

Model Information:

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