Dramm Autofog

Dramm Autofog

The Dramm Autofog automatically sprays areas up to 70,000 square feet with no applicator present. The ultra-fine cloud of droplets penetrates deep into the plant canopy covering all surfaces, ensuring excellent control of greenhouse pests and diseases.



The Dramm Autofog saves time and money by eliminating the labor needed to spray while reducing the amount of chemical needed to control your pests. By creating billions of tiny spray droplets, the Autofog treats large areas with less chemical solution. Just set the timer, mix the chemical and leave. The Dramm Autofog does the rest. The next morning simply ventilate the greenhouse and clean up the Autofog.

Each Autofog can spray greenhouses up to a certain size by themselves.  For larger areas, the Autofog works with properly sized HAF fans to evenly distribute the chemical solution. The Autofog is available as a complete unit or may be mounted in the greenhouse.
For more information, download the Autofog brochure or contact our GTS staff.
You may view a training video on the use of the Autofog here

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