Dramm Chemdose

Dramm Chemdose

The Chemdose Precision Chemical Dosing System precisely doses chemical solutions directly to the pot or root zone. The CD-2 measures doses as low as 2.5 ml accurately with +/- 1 ml precision. The Chemdose 2 can apply each dose on a single dose or interval dose basis.

The CD-2 connects to your injector or hydraulic sprayer at pressures lower than 100 psi. Weighing less than 10 pounds, the CD-2 can be worn on the chest or mounted on a small cart. Programming is easy and self-explanatory. The unit is activated by two buttons on the wand.

For maximum portability, the CD-2 runs all day on a rechargable 12 volt battery.  The NEW CD-2 works perfectly with the Dramm FertiCart, portable injector cart.



Chemdose 2

The CD-2 is a portable, hose-end unit that connects to either an injector or hydraulic sprayer below 100 psi. This eliminates problems with hose length and power.


The CD-120 Chemdose is a cart mounted precision dosing system. With a 20 gallon tank, an 18 width and a rechargeable battery, the CD-120 is very portable. Includes 3 different wand lengths.

ChemDose without cart

Includes 3 Different Wands: On Bench, Floor, & Hanging Basket; Charger and 25' Hose

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