Dramm Cold Foggers

Dramm Cold Foggers

The CF20 Coldfogger Low Volume Sprayer can treat up to 70,000 square feet in 70 minutes of spray time.

The CF20 uses a 3,000 psi pump to create a much finer spray than standard hydraulic sprayers. This 40 micron spray cloud covers more surface area while the high pressure propels the spray deep into the canopy, ensuring even coverage on all surfaces.

The CF20 comes standard with 150 feet of high-pressure hose on our convex reel. Both shorter and longer lengths are available. A separate agitation pump helps prime the spray pump and keeps even stubborn powders in solution.



Coldfogger 110 Volt - 60 Hz

The CF20-150 Coldfogger is a low-volume chemical applicator that can easily apply all formulations of pesticides, growth regulators fungicides, vaccines, cleaning products and disinfectants using a highly concentrated spray solution. The low-volume method of applying chemical solutions diminishes costly run-off and greatly reduces application times. Very small droplets are generated to provide deep and even penetration of chemicals.

The large tank holds enough spray solution to provide up to 70,000 sq. ft. of coverage in as little as 70 minutes. The powerful high pressure fog projects a plume of 30-60 micron diameter spray droplets 20 - 25 feet from th e hand held spray gun. The quality of spray is a tremendous improvement over conventional hydraulic sprayers that produce droplets that vary in size from 100 - 400 microns. Includes 150 feet of High Pressure Hose.

SprayTrax Coldfogger 110v 60 Hz

The CF-ST50/150 Coldfogger applies chemicals with a 3,000 psi hydraulic pump, atomizing the spray into very fine, directable droplets. The unit is mounted on the SprayTrax cart and tank for easy maneuverability. 150' of hose.

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