Dramm Hydraulic Sprayers

Dramm Hydraulic Sprayers

The Dramm Heavy Duty MSO and MS-GAS sprayers might be small, but they pack a punch.  With a low-flow gun and high pressure, each atomizes the spray into fine droplets for even coverage.

Note: Add the Bigfoot upgrade to any MS or HYDRA sprayer for more rough terrain. The Bigfoot upgrade replaces the solid rubber wheels and casters with 15 pneumatic wheels and pneumatic casters. Works with the MSO, MSGAS, Chemdose 120, Ferticart, Watercart, Foamer and the HYDRA line of sprayers.



The electric MSO operates at a maximum of 500 psi while the MS-GAS operates at a top pressure of 350 psi. Both are available as a pumpset with hose and gun alone or as part of a 20 gallon cart and tank package. Different hose lengths and gun options are available. Finally, both are available with our Bigfoot wheel package that adds pneumatic wheels and casters for more rough terrain.

The MSO and MS-GAS can use the standard MS-TG adjustable trigger gun or the L-5 Extension lance with 5 nozzle ring.  Both pumps offer pressure adjustment for flexibility when spraying.  The MSO has full pressure adjustment while the MS-GAS has three pressures: 110, 220 and 350 psi.

The Dramm HYDRA Line of sprayers capitalizes on years of experience in chemical applicator design. Several sizes of the Hydra are available from the just redesigned 50 gallon HYDRA to the 100 gallon SprayTrax unit, Dramm offers a complete line of larger hydraulic spray rigs.  Each unit in the HYDRA family uses our stainless inner sleeved, triplex piston pump coupled to either a 1.5 HP electric TEFC motor or a 5.5 HP Honda gasoline motor.

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