• Hydroponic Applications - dripper stake assemblies deliver precise water distribution and are ideal for soilless substrates.
  • Higher Crop Values - pressure compensating drippers improve water and fertilizer uniformity up to 94% - even on rolling or sloped ground.
  • Less Disease - applying water directly to the pot inhibits the spread of disease and does not wash away pesticides applied to the foliage.
  • Portable - the MOD manifold detaches from the dripper supply tubing for easy storage and transport.
  • Flexible - simply change or add an MOD manifold for different plant spacings and flows.
  • Low Cost and Fast Payback - a complete MOD system is usually paid for within the first season of operation.


Netafim Multi-Outlet Dripper and Dripper Stake Assemblies solutions for Bench Pots have many advantages over hand watering - most importantly saving time and money while improving plant quality. Whether the pots are small or large, our systems are designed and engineered to provide you with irrigation solutions you can rely on day after day.

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