Poly-AG Corp. is a leading distribution in North America of Polyethylene sheets for the agriculture sector. They provide poly that uses only the most sophisticated materials supplied by the leading producers of polymers in the industry. Utilizing a fully computerized extruders, Poly-Ag provides durable poly film at a competitive price.



UV Stability (film durability):
Film without UV stabilizers will fail after only a few months (4-6 months depending on the film’s thickness). In order to achieve the required durability UV stabilizers should be added. The type of UV stabilizers and the percentage s employed depend on the crop, film’s life time desired, area (total radiation), film’s thickness desired, type of greenhouse structure and agrochemicals used.

Maximum light transmission at the visible range (TLT):
Energy from the sun is transmitted through the greenhouse covering to the plant where it drives the photosynthetic process. The total light transmission of the greenhouse covering determines how the photo-synthetic active radiation (400-700 nanometers) is used and this is extremely important. The intensity of these wavelengths (PAR range) directly influences the growth and development of green plants.

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