Shade/Heat Retention Systems

Shade/Heat Retention Systems

Outstanding features

  • Reflective curtain fabrics direct heat-producing rays away from plants
  • Heavy-duty rack & pinion drive reduces ongoing maintenance
  • Reliable drive motors complete with safety limit switches
  • Conley’s “TRIPLE SET” fastening system


  • Reduces plant stress
  • Increases plant production
  • Reduces watering demands
  • Reduces energy consumption


Conley’s INTERNAL RETRACTABLE SHADE/HEAT SYSTEMS offer one of the fastest returns on investment available in the greenhouse industry today. As a shade system, Conley’s use of reflective curtain fabric works to deflect heat producing rays away from plants and personnel. As a heat retention system, the insulating qualities of the fabric re-radiate precious heat energy back down to plants and products. Conley’s can even provide blackout fabric for light control.

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