Super Star Series 3600

Super Star Series 3600

The SUPER STAR SERIES 3600 represents one of the real “workhorses” within poly covered roof greenhouses.

Outstanding Features

  • Superior strength ROLL-FORM arches, purlins and gutters insure unmatched structural integrity.
  • Large easy-to-walk-in gutters are lapped one into the other and
    cantilevered for increased strength.
  • 6' arch spacing.


The SUPER STAR SERIES 3600 represents one of the real “workhorses” of poly covered roof greenhouses. Incorporating 3” tall ROLL-FORM arch assemblies, this greenhouse is as equally comfortable in warmer regions as it is in extreme snow and wind climates. Utilize this house in conjunction with  ridge vents to create one of the more optimum environments your plants may ever thrive in.


  • Components are shipped pre-punched and cut to length, simplifying the installation.
  • ROLL-FORM components nest one into the other during shipments, substantially reducing freight rates.

Accessory Equipment

  • Rack & Pinion roof vents - roof vents can be placed at gutter or ridge.
  • Rack & Pinion side vents or end vents.
  • Roll-up side or end wall curtains.
  • Swing, sliding or roll-up door assemblies.
  • Internal retractable shade system.
  • Exhaust fans, circulation fans and evaporative cooling systems.
  • Space heater, hot water heater or radiant heat systems.
  • Stationary, rolling or portable bench assembly.
  • Space-saver sidewall extension.

This structure is engineered to meet stringent International Building Code (IBC) specifications.

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