Effinity93 High Efficiency Gas Fired Unit Heater (PTC)

Effinity93 High Efficiency Gas Fired Unit Heater (PTC)

With the Effinity93 you are assured the following features: 

  • Modine's exclusive Conservicore™ technology withstands acidic condensate
  • Designed with contractors in mind: faster installation and lower installation costs
  • All Effinity93 box sizes are equal to a corresponding HDS or PTS model
  • The standard Contractor Convenience Package allows for easy connectivity and troubleshooting
  • Optional finger-proof fan guard for operation at low mounting heights


The Effinity93 is the most efficient unit heater for greenhouse applications in North America, bringing the green to your greenhouse. With eight models available - from 85,000 to 310,000 BTU/hr - all operating at 93% efficiency, the Effinity93 will dramatically lower energy costs.

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