Link4 Greenhouse Controller

Link4 Greenhouse Controller

Link4 Corporation manufactures software and environmental controls for growers wanting to optimize their greenhouse and grow room production and reduce operating costs. We enable our customers to manage every aspect of their greenhouse and grow room from the palm of their hand, using state-of-the-art controls that relay greenhouse and grow room data to the Cloud where it is accessible on any Internet-connected device. With a wealth of data at their fingertips, Link4’s customers are able to grow bigger, more vibrant crops under repeatable processes. Link4 protects their crop investment with text alerts sent straight to their phone identifying a variety of threats, including equipment failure and environmental abnormalities.

Link4’s controls are designed to meet each individual grower’s needs, from an at-home hobbyist to large industrial growers. Each product comes with our tenacious customer support that begins with a consultation on your project to ensure they are getting the right controls, built to suit their needs.

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The Pearl line of controllers is designed to meet the environmental control requirements of most standard greenhouse applications. The different models are designed to match the complexity and requirements of the grower and are compatible with standard greenhouse equipment utilized by growers.

  • Smaller control modules for reduced panel sizes and greater installation flexibility.
  • Snap in modules for easy expandability and servicing.
  • UL rated integrated panels for easy and accurate installation.
  • NEMA 4 panels for superior protection from water intrusion, sunlight, and weather.
  • Link4 Cloud compatible for remote accessibility and advanced functionality.
  • Multiple models to meet the needs of your specific operation.


The Sapphire is a commercial irrigation controller that is ideal for applications requiring misting, flood, drip or standard irrigation. The controller comes with 8-outputs and provides cloud monitoring and control. Easy to install and program. This controller allows the grower the flexibility of utilizing different irrigation methods with one controller. With Cloud access, programming, monitoring and reporting is easily performed remotely. The newly implemented grow journal allows the grower the ability to add notes and tasks in the system, store grower logs, and generate reports.


  • 8 independent outputs - to control multiple zones with one controller.
  • Mist, pulse, and irrigation control - for each output for flexible growing applications.
  • Multiple start and end times per day - to provide crop specific flexibility.
  • On/Off manual timed override - allowing for simple changes when needed.
  • Easy to program at the controller or remotely - from the Cloud for convenient zone adjustments.
  • Cloud access - For easy monitoring and control via the internet.

iGrow 800

The iGrow 800 is designed to meet the environmental control requirements of most standard greenhouse applications.

With 8 standard outputs that can be expanded to 32, the iGrow800 can control the most common equipment found in greenhouses. Typical unit heaters, fans, shutters, vents, curtain systems and pumps can be controlled to meet your custom environmental control and growing schemes.

The built-in logic of the iGrow 800 will allow you to set multiple stages for vents or roll-up walls. This will provide you additional cooling options resulting in greater flexibility and lower energy costs.

Change settings at the controller utilizing the programming panel and manual on - off - auto switches, or connect with the Cloud for remote access and control.

The Cloud offers both remote access with additional functionality, while providing the comfort of knowing you can continually stay connected with the status of your crop’s environment. From a remote device, you can monitor, make changes, view reports, download data for analysis and receive alarm notifications. The new Grow Journal allows the grower to electronically capture and sort important notes for each zone that can be stored for future analysis or notification.

With sophisticated vent and environmental control, along with remote accessibility, the iGrow 800 is the perfect choice for most greenhouse applications.

iGrow 1800

Backed by unparalleled Link4 service and support, the iGrow 1800 offers remarkable flexibility and security, as well as a wide variety of advanced features to meet grower needs of all sizes.

Along with the standard control ability, the iGrow 1800 can handle the most complex control requirements for indoor and greenhouse facilities. Smart lighting, advanced irrigation, and custom configurations are some of the many advanced capabilities of this sensibly priced controller.

Combined with the new 1800 Cloud, the user can remotely control, monitor, report, add grower notes, and receive alarm notifications making growing easier and more successful.


  • Advanced capabilities - to handle the needs of most complex indoor and greenhouse facilities.
  • Expandable to 144 outputs and 64 zones - for small to larger project requirements.
  • Smart lighting functionality - meeting both traditional and new lighting scheme requirements.


Packed with smart features, Link4’s iDrive reversing motor controls are perhaps the most powerful and versatile on the market. The iDrive motor controllers can control nearly every type of DC or AC vent and curtain motor used with commercial greenhouses.

The iDrive line was designed to be as versatile as possible, meaning you have the option of controlling your equipment in several different modes - manual or automatic - stand alone or connected to a thermostat or an electric controller. Additionally, the compact design allows for easy placement and installation.

The iDrive with timer is an economical solution which allows you to run simple open / closed curtains or wall systems without the need of a controller.

Link4 has combined an advanced engineering design for flexibility and functionality along with top quality components and engineering, for superior performance. The result is the most advanced and well-designed series of motor controllers available today.


Link4’s iOptimizer is built for high performance and optimal energy savings. Various functions are provided to minimize energy consumption, improve efficiency, and save you money during operation.

Utilizing the iOptimizer can improve the efficiency and air flow of your fans. This allows you to run all your fans at one time at varying speeds which maximizes air flow patterns, extends the life of your equipment, and saves you money.

Adjust the iOptimizer with pumps to manage water flow in fertigation or hydroponic systems or regulate the water with your pad system to extend pad life.

To ensure an efficient, effective, and smooth-running positive pressure greenhouse, combine the iOptimizer with one of Link4’s controllers.

The iOptimizer’s compact design, NEMA 4 enclosure, and pre-configured integration with UL/cUL certification, was designed to meet both OEM’s and System Integrators’ needs.

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