Micro Grow Greenhouse Controller

Micro Grow Greenhouse Controller

Welcome to the world of Micro Grow Greenhouse Controls.  As a leader in the development and sales of watering systems, propagation, misting and fogging, sensors and custom built contractor cabinets, Micro Grow products set the new standard for cost effective and efficient growing.

State-of-the-art computer-based control systems give you the power to meet demands placed upon the busy greenhouse grower without the need to understand the complexity of a computer.  A toggle switch front panel and pre-set factory settings take the worry out of your hands.  Micro Grow controls, either single or multiple zones, are customized for your growing needs.



Growmate Plus

If you think that a computer based greenhouse controller is expensive, the Growmate line of controls from Micro Grow will change your mind. An affordable choice for many growing operations, the Growmate Plus puts the power of a microprocessor based greenhouse controller in your hands at a price that anyone can afford. All temperature settings can be adjusted independently for day and night heating and cooling, as well as DIF settings. A large and informative display assists in programming, while providing a constant readout of all sensors. Manual override switches for all outputs are conveniently located on the front panel. Growmate Plus includes a temperature sensor and photocell. An optional humidity sensor is available for accurate and true dehumidify functions. Low voltage 24 VAC operations.

  • Accurate microprocessor control
  • Large digital display and convenient program switches
  • Five cooling stages, two heating stages
  • Air circulation output for HAF fans
  • DIF operations are standard
  • Optional humidity sensor available


Protect your roof vents from damage with the Weatherstat greenhouse controller. Monitors high wind speed, and rain. The Weatherstat will send safety override signals to all connected ventilation motor controls. This unit will work with virtually any vent motor control system. More than one motor control may be interconnected if desired. Automatic system reset once the inclement weather conditions have passed. May be added to any existing system.

  • Protects roof vent systems
  • Wind speed monitor
  • Rain sensor

Ventmate Plus

The Ventmate Plus greenhouse controller has the same enhanced features of the Growmate Plus system, yet it is designed for use with naturally ventilated greenhouses. Two separate ventilation outputs can control roof vents, side vents, roll up walls, or retractable roof ranges. Vents may be operated in up to eight separate stages of operation. Add on a Weatherstat or Weathermaster for wind and rain roof vent safety overrides. Separate day and night temperature settings, as well as DIF come standard. As on all of our control systems, manual override switches are a standard feature. Low voltage 24 VAC operation.

  • Heating, ventilation and air circulation
  • Accurate microprocessor control
  • Large digital display
  • DIF operations are standard


Protects greenhouse ventilation systems from high winds and rain damage. Each system may be used with Micro Grow controls, or as a stand alone system with other vent controls.

  • Premier microprocessor based greenhouse weather station
  • Monitors wind, speed & direction, rain, solar level, and outdoor temperatures
  • Easily combines with new and existing greenhouse equipment
  • Interfaces with Micro Grow's custom Growlink program.
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