Wadsworth Greenhouse Controls

Wadsworth Greenhouse Controls

Growing healthy uniform plants requires accurate control of the greenhouse environment.

Precise control of the growing environment also allows growers to maximize the inputs used in the growing process while minimizing waste, reducing labor and reducing energy consumption. This type of control can only be accomplished through the use of a computer based environmental control.

Wadsworth offers 10 products to control your environment and:

  • improve crop quality
  • reduce operational costs
  • reduce energy bills
  • provide labor savings
  • consistently reproduce top results


Most of our controls carry the STEP name. STEP is an acronym for Single Total Environmental Program. As Wadsworth's staged controls were the first environmental controls in the US, you may hear "STEP" and "staged" interchangeably. However, our line of controls represent both integrated and staged controls.

Wadsworth knows that no one control is right for every grower. That is why they offer different models to meet your budget and growing requirements.

Finding the right controller for your crop and greenhouse is critical to the success of your operation. Our experienced staff of greenhouse specialist can help you choose the best controller to meet your needs and match your budget.

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